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Pearl Acne Pill “Po Wo Tong”  Pearl Acne pill is prepared scientifically from Clemmys Chinensis Tortoise, Pearl Powder, American Ginseng, Flowers and other precious Chinese herbs. It aims to help nourish the skin and keep it smooth, soft and shiny. Helps to remove fats from the skin and clears acne.

Avoid seafoods, beef, eggs and deep fried foods during curing period.

Composition: ( 100% natural incredients):

Pearl Powder  20%

American Ginseng: 20%

Plastrum Testudinis: 15 %

Calculus Bovis: 5%

Lingzhi 10%

Poria 5%

Radix Rehmanniae 6%

Flos Lonicerae 15%

Rhizoma Coptidis 4%

Dosage: Age 15 and above: 4 pills three times a day for acne curing. For acne prevention 3 pills three times a day. Suitable for female as well as for males.

Recommended usage: 300 pills should have a visible effect on acne improvement. Longterm administration has no side effects.

Item # D1313

300 capsules (3 packs)

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Pearl Acne

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